Casa en Massís del Garraf en Dwell Magazine

Publicado el 16 diciembre 2022


Cuarta publicación en la revista estadounidense Dwell con un artículo sobre nuestro proyecto Casa en Massís del Garraf titulado «Una casa Net-Zero en España se centra alrededor de un atrio altísimo.»

Para leer el artículo de Dwell: Passive House in Massís del Garraf

Para ver el proyecto en nuestra web: Casa en Massís del Garraf



A Net-Zero Home in Spain Centers Around a Soaring Atrium


Slow Studio Arquitectura designed the double-height space as a flexible living area, but it also optimizes the residence’s thermal performance.
Text by Grace Bernard

From the Architect: «The aim of the project is to achieve a net-zero, single-family house and a healthy interior environment through bioclimatic strategies.

«This house is based on a tight program of 969 square feet. Thus, in order to optimize the climatic performance of a limited surface area, we decided to opt for a compact square floor plan, which has the advantage of avoiding thermal losses in the façades but also the disadvantage of not allowing direct sunlight to the south in the rear rooms.

«For this reason, a central space that captures light and heat was designed in the form of a covered atrium with openings to the south in the upper part that rises above the roof. The rooms are organized around a bioclimatic atrium, a central double-height space that accumulates heat thanks to an upper opening to the south that allows to temper the rooms in the north zone and generate cross ventilation.

«In this way the atrium generates a second façade for solar gain and stores hot air that we will use to our advantage for the ventilation of the house.

«In addition, the clients expressly requested views to the north and for this purpose the atrium has a small mezzanine accessible with a library-type staircase that can be moved along the atrium or hidden while not in use.